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For more information on the internship, or to report a rare tree, visit www.NYNGA.org, or contact John Wertis, president, at (607) 387-4331, or bwwfarmtoday@aol.com.

The New York State Nut Tree Trail

By John Wertis / March 27, 2013

The John Gordon Demonstration Nut Grove near Trumansburg, NY is just one of the possible stops on the evolving New York State Nut Tree Trail. John Gordon was a well-known horticulturist with a nursery near Buffalo. He specialized in breeding and growing woody plants; particularly nut trees, paw-paws and persimmons.  He was one of the…

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Report Rare Nuts, Please!

By John Wertis / June 27, 2012

NY Nut Growers Association Seeks to Preserve Heirloom Nut Trees In the 1930’s, a lot of interest developed in growing English (Persian) Walnuts in New York State. The Canadian Minister, the Rev. Paul Crath, had collected seed nuts and seedling trees from his native Poland and was growing them successfully in Southern Ontario. He formed…

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