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New ways of telling stories in the 21st Century

There are so many ways to tell a story. Over tea, reading a book, at the theater, or in the Small Farm Quarterly. In the 21st Century, ‘infographics’ are a fresh way of telling your story. And just in the nick of time. 
The attention span of American adults continues to dwindle, and is currently estimated at ten seconds. (Are you still with me?!) How we tell stories is more important than ever. 

What is an infographic?  

An infographic is a visual image, often a chart or diagram, used to represent information or data. But they’re going so far beyond charts.

Infographics embody the wisdom, ‘a picture is a thousand words.’ Statistically, people remember 80% of what they see and do compared to just 20% of what they read.  

Take a look at the infographic below, just made by Fruition Seeds and called 7 Essentials of Seed Starting (and simple solutions to common mistakes). 

We created this infographic as many farmers and gardeners want to start seeds more successfully. Dreaming of the season ahead, a dear friend asked me to make a list of the “7 essential things she needed to know” to start seeds successfully this spring. 
 A few days later I was making supper with another dear friend whose illustrations are as vivid and whimsical as her gardens and stories. Eureka! She and I had SO much fun laughing and learning as we brought to life the 7 Essentials of Seed Starting (and simple solutions to common mistakes) in infographic form. 
My hope is that these tips and tricks, broken down into such accessible, bite-sized graphic stories, will surround you with the insight they need to start seeds more successfully.  

What tip is most valuable for you?  

infographic on seed starting practices

7 Essentials of Seed Starting. Courtesy of Fruition Seeds.

Let us know! 
And hope to see you on our farm in the Finger Lakes one day.  (Because that’s where all our stories really begin.) 

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Petra Page-Mann

Growing up in her father’s garden in the Finger Lakes of New York, Petra believes each seed and each of us is in the world to change the world. In 2012 she founded Fruition Seeds to share the seeds, knowledge and inspiration gardeners need to be more successful in the Northeast.  Don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation by contacting her at 

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