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Announcing NYFC’s New Guidebook on FSA loans!

The National Young Farmers Coalition just released Farm Service Agency Loans: The Ins and Outs of Growing a Farm with Federal Loans, an illustrated guidebook for farmers looking to secure credit from USDA.

This is the first comprehensive plain language guide to FSA loans since before the introduction of the popular microloan in 2013. We’re excited to share it with you!
Written from the perspective and curiosity of a young farmer, the guidebook helps farmers navigate the ins and outs of the loan process.
It includes:

  • the story of the USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA)
  • a family tree of all the people who make loans at USDA through the FSA
  • descriptions of FSA’s different loan types
  • charts with up-to-date interest rates and loan terms
  • case studies from farmers who received FSA loans
  • information about all the ways farmers can get involved through USDA committees to influence and improve the loan process


The publication of this guidebook was funded by a cooperative agreement with USDA’s FSA Office of Program Education and Stakeholder Engagement to reach new audiences. That cooperative agreement also funded 10 workshops around the country which brought together young farmers who received FSA loans, local FSA loan officers, and farmers who were curious about how to capitalize their farms.
These successful workshops helped NYFC understand some of the strengths and challenges of FSA loans, which helped to shape this guidebook. NYFC continues to advocate for improvements to USDA programs at the national level.

To download the guide, visit http://www.youngfarmers.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/NYFC_FSA_Loans_Guidebook.pdf.


Talia Isaacson

Talia is originally from San Diego, CA, but her passion for agriculture mostly developed on the coast of Maine, where she lived and worked on an educational diversified farm throughout parts of her high school years. Since then, Talia has spent time working on various farms in both Vermont and Arkansas, which has further solidified her interest in small-scale agriculture and its myriad intersections with community welfare, environmental sustainability, and education. She is a senior in the English department at Cornell and began working for the Cornell Small Farms Program in early 2018. Talia also works for the Local & Regional Food Systems initiative.
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