Bring Farm Law 101, a Farm Commons workshop, to your area!

from Rachel Armstrong, Executive Director and Attorney, Farm Commons
We want to add value your work educating sustainable farmers by helping you add legal education to your offerings. Farm Commons can help you empower your community through Sustainable Farm Law 101, our custom-created set of workshops that give sustainable farmers the resources to address the basics of land use and leasing, farm financing, farm events, value-added production, business entities, insurance, sales contracts, and food safety (including the new FSMA regulations).
Do your sustainable farmers need to know how to write an effective, comprehensive lease? Are they wondering how the Produce Rule will affect their operation? Or, maybe folks are confused about whether they should form an LLC, S corporation or neither? What about hosting interns or working with volunteers? Farm law affects everyone, especially our most innovative, direct-to-consumer farmers. Answers aren’t always easy to come by- but that’s why Farm Commons exists.
We provide farmers with proactive legal resources. We host fun, interactive workshops that get farmers talking and taking action to reduce legal risk. Farm Commons focuses on co-presentations with local experts- farmers themselves who have addressed legal issues- to create compelling, practical, and informative presentations that speak to farmers.
You’ve already used a resource or two, so you know our quality. Here’s what farmers say about our workshops:
“This was a super well done, informative, approachable (especially for a formidable topic), clear presentation with lots of resources provided. Awesome! Thank you.”
“This is one of the best workshops I’ve attended- Incredibly valuable information.”
“Perfect mix of the law and the on-the-ground reality.”
“They made a really boring topic – employment law- extremely interesting and fun.”
“I had NO idea what the law required. I learned so much!”
Let’s work together – farmers can build stronger, more resilient businesses with the law on their side. After attending a Farm Commons workshop, 70% of farmers learn new things and over 80% make a risk reducing change to their farm within 3 months!
If you like this idea, get in touch with us about ways to bring Farm Law 101 workshop to your community. We are looking for partners to help us create workshops that meet local needs and empower local communities. We work with local hosts to help secure funding for these workshops. Contact us and we’ll plan a funding strategy including federal and local grants, user fees, or other support.
We would love to help you meet your community’s needs for sustainable farm law education! Contact Rachel at 608 616 5319 or email

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