Online Managed Grazing Tutorial Available

Free Interactive Lessons Can Help Land and Finances

Strategic livestock management can improve soil health, pastures, and profits. A new online tutorial, “Managed Grazing Tutorial,” by the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) goes in-depth into how changing the way grazing animals are managed can improve both the condition of your land and your bottom line.
It’s free and available on the NCAT ATTRA website at The direct link to the tutorial is
The interactive tutorial is divided into a series of stand-alone lessons, so participants can progress at their own pace. The lessons include these subjects:

  • Grazing Management: Inventory
  • Managed Grazing Infrastructure: Fencing and Water
  • Managing the Mature Stand
  • Intensifying Managed Grazing
  • Stockpiling Grass

The lessons are taught by NCAT specialists who also are livestock producers with years of experience managing their own pastures. Their detailed presentations along with real-world examples and links to other resources will help producers both refine and build managed grazing systems regardless of their experience.
For more information about the tutorial, contact NCAT Livestock Specialist Dave Scott at 800-346-9140 or

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