Build a Business Plan for Your Farm

Spirited- FarmPlanning to Stay in Business (BF 202)

Writing Your Business Plan

an online course through the Northeast Beginning Farmer Project
Thurs. February 4 – March 10, 2016, with webinars every Thursday evening from 6:00-7:30pm.
Whether you intend to borrow money or not, heading into a farm venture without a business plan is like setting sail across the ocean without a map. Either way, you’re likely to run into bumps and twists that can derail your venture. Arm yourself with a business plan and you will have a guide to aid your farm decision-making and demonstrate to yourself and your family that your ideas are feasible. This intensive, fast-paced course is designed to help you build your plan quickly.
This course is geared for new farmers as well as those expanding or transitioning from one farm enterprise to another. Before enrolling in this course you should already know the type of farm you want, some short-term and longer-term farm business goals, and the geographic area or state where you intend to farm. You should have at least some first-hand experience with farming, including personal research into the type of farm you will operate.
Upon completing this course, you will have a full business plan in a format ready to be implemented on the farm. The business plan may be used to guide you in decision-making in the course of running the farm business. Additionally, the business plan will be in a form ready to submit to a banker, private investor or grantor, in the event you are seeking outside funding.
Graduates of BF 202 have obtained equipment and operating loans, and mortgages, for start-up and expanding farms.
Rebecca Schuelke-Staehr co-owns Cayuga Pumpkin Barn and formerly worked for the NY Farm Viability Institute.
Steve Hadcock is the Beginning Farmer and Market Development Educator for the Capital Area Agricultural and Horticultural Program for Cornell Cooperative Extension.

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