Balance farming and personal life with Holistic Planning Course

Holistic Financial Planning (BF 203)

Building Farm Profit Into the Picture

an online course through the Northeast Beginning Farmer Project
Wed. Jan. 20 – Feb 24, 2016
Webinars will be on Wed. evenings from 7-8:30pm EST
If you’ve been struggling to make your farm operation profitable without driving yourself into the ground, this financial planning course is for you. Ultimately it will help you with the delicate balancing act that all farmers must succeed in: balancing healthy profits with healthy land and a healthy farm family and personal life.
You will learn how to make financial decisions toward farm & family values and goals, and how to build profit into your plans up front, rather than hoping there is something left once expenses are subtracted from income. If you have been struggling with the financial statements in your business plan, this is a great course to help you focus in on these and get clear on your numbers.
During this course you will:
• Have a written statement of your family’s values and vision and know how to use it to guide financial and overall farm decision-making
• Have a written Annual Financial Plan mapping out your planned profit, income streams, and expenses (this plan doubles as a cash-flow statement in your business plan and is one of the main documents a lender will want to see)
• Understand that all expenses are not created equally, and now how to prioritize and cut them
• Know how to monitor your plan so that you can correct your course when you start to go off-plan
Phil Metzger was a conservationist with the National Resource Conservation Service for over 30 years, and has been an instructor and Certified Educator of Holistic Management for 13 years.
Erica Frenay is the Beginning Farmer Online Course Manager for the Cornell Small Farms Program. She has been a Certified Educator of Holistic Management for 12 years, and manages her own growing farm operation, Shelterbelt Farm.

Steve Gabriel

Steve is an Extension Specialist focused on specialty mushroom production and agroforestry. Throughout his career, Steve has taught thousands of people about the ways farming and forestry can be combined to both benefit the ecology and economies of small farms.  He is also a farmer, author, hiker, and musician.

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