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Opportunity to Host a Weather Station on Your Property

The New York State (NYS) Mesonet or Early Warning Weather Detection System is an advanced, statewide weather station network. This network will be the first of its kind in New York and will consist of up to 125 surface weather stations that will detect weather phenomena across the entire state.  This weather detection system will provide federal, state, and local communities with access to high-resolution, real-time data, and more robust predictive models.
The NYS Mesonet is looking for up to 125 weather station sites across New York State. The University at Albany will pay for any costs associated with the installation and will handle all of the maintenance and repair associated. If you are interested in hosting a weather station at your farm, please contact Program Manager Jerry Brotzge via e-mail at jbrotzge@albany.edu or by phone at 518-442-6376.
View the full press release here.


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