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Juneberry Production Workshop June 12th in Ovid, NY

This class is a complete, in-depth introduction to juneberry cultivation in Upstate New York, covering site selection, natural history, planting, pest control, and harvesting. Regional juneberry expert Jim Ochterski will explain the basics of production and what to expect from different varieties of juneberries. The workshop includes lunch and a field tour to Juneberry Farm in Willard, NY where Guy Lister is cultivating a large planting for retail and you-pick sales and is being sponsored by Bundschuh’s Greenhouses. For more information, visit http://senecacountycce.org/?carous=juneberry-production-workshop-friday-june-12th.
When: June 12, 9am-2pm
Where: 7238 Ann St., Ovid, NY


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