Organic Mushroom Farming & Mycoremediation, by Tradd Codder

A new book offers perspective of mushrooms as food, medicine, and healers of toxic landscapes.

Meeting Tradd at a workshop or conference makes one thing clear; he is completely obsessed with mushrooms. Good thing for the rest of us, because over the last 20+ years Tradd has been experimenting, researching, and putting mushrooms to work solving a range of problems addressing human health and toxins in the environment. And, of course, growing mushrooms for the simple enjoyment of eating them.
traddThe book is a long time coming, providing a great overview into the fungal kingdom and offering the skills and setup necessary to become a full-fledged spawn producer, grower, or both. The text is written in a flexible manner, which means is approachable by both beginners and experts alike.
Of particular interest is the focus of the book on encouraging readers to aspire to self-sufficiency through generating and expanding spawn rather than always purchasing it. The book covers covers lab techniques, including low-cost alternatives that make use of existing infrastructure and materials.
Additionally, a host of innovative products are offers including making tinctures, powders, and mushroom-infused honey; making an antibacterial mushroom cutting board; and even growing mushrooms on old denim jeans!
Excellent writing and beautiful images make the mushroom world understandable by even the most novice producer. The book is must have for mushroom enthusiast who is merely fascinated, or who wants to put time into growing mushrooms for hobby or profit.
The book can be ordered directly from Tradd by visiting:

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  1. Avatar of Jackie Jackie on March 3, 2018 at 7:03 pm

    Friendly word – This article has the authors last name spelled as “Codder” and “Cotter” is published’ on the book – Thank you!

  2. Avatar of Mugeere B David Mugeere B David on November 16, 2021 at 5:33 pm

    I greatly appreciate the Noble work being carried out by Trade Coffee most especially that of Myco remediation . I have taught Mushroom cultivation for over s de sdd but l have not learnt Myco remediation . please advise. Kind regard Dsvid

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