Marvin Looking Fine

goat in a hat

Marvin, an East Friesian Ram. Photo courtesy of The Farmers Husband

Our summer photo features comes to us from “The Farmer’s Husband”, a diversified farm in Schoharie County, NY, owned by Thomas McCurdy and Bailey Hale.  The farm is currently raising chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, goats, sheep and pigs.  Thomas says, “We don’t want to be big, just big enough to be self-sustaining, producing as much of our own food as possible while generating an income from the land, likely from a combination of meat, eggs, cheese, bread, fiber, produce, and whatever else we can sell or barter. We want to nourish ourselves and our loved ones while treating the land and the animals with respect, living honestly, simply, and sustainably”. To read more about the farm’s adventures in raising livestock.

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