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Being on a small farm and in 4-H can mean a lot of things for a person. There are so many different programs and projects that a person is bound to find something that they like! For me, it means that I can spend a lot of time expanding my knowledge of different animals and their way of life. In my 4-H Club, “Just Equestrian”, we are working on getting back to the basics of horses, like what they eat and how to care for them. It’s great for me to learn those things because I’d like to attend Cornell University to become a large animal veterinarian.

4-H has furthered my knowledge of farming life too. I live on a small farm with my family, and being in 4-H gave me new suggestions and information that I use at my own home. Last year I attended a 4-H event which taught me about making maple syrup. I came home from that event and gave some great suggestions to my parents who applied them to our own maple syrup production. I liked that event so much that I even made my 4-H public presentation on the subject!

Another reason why I love being in 4-H is the people I get to see, meet and become friends with. If I ever have any questions I know that I can always ask someone, whether it is a 4-H educator or a leader to get helpful answers or advice. I have also made so many great friends! I love attending 4-H events because I get to be with my good friends, make some new friends, and learn new information about things that I may never have heard of before.

4-H means that I will be better prepared for my future. 4-H introduces me to new subjects that I really enjoy and want to further my knowledge in. 4-H means that I have lifelong friends who will stand beside me. Living on a small farm along with 4-H has led me to the job that I want to do, in the field of large animal veterinary care. 4-H means so many things to me that it would be almost impossible to name them all!

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