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What 4-H Means To Me

By Jenna Brokaw, Age 16, Loon Lake Raiders 4-H Club
I grew up on a small horse and dog farm in Steuben County named Hazel View Farm. My grandparents own this farm, but my parents kept our animals on the farm because we lived on it. Since I was born I have been around horses. My first horse taught me to ride. She was an appaloosa named Cola. She was the best horse a mother could find for her child. A few years later I had two Arabians given to me.

a person riding a horse

Jenna and Her Horse Annie. Courtesy of Jenna Brokaw.

The mare’s name was Miss T. I showed her and the gelding named Brisk for years in 4-H. 4-H has taught me many things about horses and horsemanship.

I am currently a member of the Loon Lake Raiders club. I have been in that club for about 5 years. Through club meetings I have learned many things, like how to show horses and take care of them. Animals are a lot of work, especially horses. They cost so much with all their shots, vet calls, and feed. I love them and I have 4-H and my mom to thank for being able to have them.

I have grown up with dogs too. My first dog I had as a pet was an off the track greyhound, named Blitz. I use to dress him up and lay on him since he was so tolerant. At the age of three, I was able to buy my own dog. I picked him out of one of my mom’s friend’s litter; he was a cattle dog that was beautiful and a perfect example of what the breed should be. His name is Bear and I taught him everything. He was the first dog that I trained. With some help from 4-H and my mom I taught him many things. I took him to the state fair many times. A few years later I got a poodle that I showed in 4-H. Her name was Lexi and I liked to run her Agility in 4-H shows. A few years after that I got a border collie named Tori. She was the second best dog I have ever had since she is so smart. I have won many awards with her. Ever since I got her, I have shown her in 4-H and went to the state fair and won Grand Champion. Just this year I bought a new puppy. Her name is Brooke and she is also a border collie. I bought her to show 4-H and AKC (American Kennel Club).

Dogs and horses like many animals are a lot of work, but 4-H has taught me how to take care of them properly. It has encouraged me to want to keep showing my horses and dogs, when I graduate from 4-H. I have been showing my dogs in AKC shows and horses in IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association) and open shows. I have 4-H and my mom to thank for all that I know about horses and dogs.

For more information about the 4-H Horse Programs please visit www.ansci.cornell.edu/4H/horses/index.html   For more information about the 4-H Dog Programs please visit www.ansci.cornell.edu/4H/dogs/index.html


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