Winter 2019

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Cornell Small Farms Program Update

News from the Cornell Small Farm Program, Winter 2019

Extension News

Consider Bedded Pack Barns for Cow Comfort and Manure Management, by Fay Benson
Making NYC Urban Agriculture Products Safer, by Yolanda Gonzalez and Samuel Anderson
Remote Sensing Shows Promise for Vegetable Growers, by Julie Kikkert
“Sweet Potato Whisperer” Explores Transplant Production, by Robert Hadad

Farm Business

Climbing Tree Farm Benefits from Profit Teams and Extension Support, a case study
Use Your Bookkeeping System to Communicate More Effectively with Wholesale Customers, by Morgan Houk
Farm Safety
NYCAMH Offers Workshops for New and Beginning Farmers, by Karen Anderson
Forest, Field, & Woodlot
How About Those Woodlots; Can We Make Any Money From Them?, by Rich Taber

Land Stewardship

From Vine to Wine — Vermont Farmer Cultivates Cold Climate Grapevines, by Amy Overstreet
Poplar Hedge Farm Taking AEM at Environmental Stewardship, by Judy Littrell

Livestock & Poultry

Add Diversity to Your Pastures with Multispecies Grazing, by Lee Rinehart
Halal Pastures: Where Faith “Meats” Family Farming, by Aysha Venjara
More Than a Matter of Taste (Book Excerpt Part II), by Fred Provenza

Resource Spotlight

Workshops on Anaerobic Digesters for Small Farms Offered this Winter

Soil Health

Reusable Black Tarps Suppress Weeds and Make Organic Reduced Tillage More Viable, by Haley Rylander