Summer 2017


Table of Contents

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Business Management

Business Obstacles Successful Farmers Overcome, by John Lavelle
Securing a Labor Force at Sweetland Farm: A vegetable farm raised wages to $15 an hour and lived to tell the tale!, by Elizabeth Henderson
Small Farm Product Liability: Coverage for Your Farm Products, by Reuben Dourte

Register to Count in the USDA Agriculture Census

Farm Planning
A Dark Cloud Looms Over Farmland: Farm Succession Planning in Vermont Shines Light for a New Generation of Farmers, by Rachel Carter

Farm Safety
The National ROPS Rebate Program: A Lifesaving Initiative Just for Farmers, by Pam Tinc

Farm Tech
Extension and NYS Apple Growers Partner on Innovation: a mechanical blossom thinning alternative to carbaryl, by RJ Anderson

Everything Old is New Again: Cornell University Researchers Study Industrial Hemp, One of the Earliest Domesticated Plants, by Jamie Crawford
Heirloom Tomatoes: For Farmers, A Challenging Love Affair, by Emily Nink and Hugh Joseph

Local Food & Markets
‘Meat and Greet’ Fair Brings Farmers to Local Tables, by RJ Anderson

New & Beginning Farmers
Funding Sources Info – Or Is ‘Free Money’ Worth It?, by Liz Higgins and Sandy Buxton

Non-Dairy Livestock
List of Items for a Beginning Sheep Farmer, Part One: Tips and Resources for Beginning Sheep Farmers, by Ulf Kintzel

Resource Spotlight
Agricultural Energy Audits Available to New York Farms through NYSERDA, by Lisa Coven
Small Ruminant Producers: Do you want to improve your parasite control through genetic selection?

Soil Health
The Green Lie of Hay and Grazing Lands: Deceivingly Green Pastures Performing at a Fraction of Their Potential, by Rich Taber
Mulch for Organic Vegetables—Grown in Place: Organic farmers and researchers utilize cover crops to reduce the labor and expense of organic mulches, by Brian Caldwell and Ryan Maher

Youth Pages
Agriculture Career Day Exposes Teens to Diverse Fields, by RJ Anderson
Introducing Sustainable Food Production to Buffalo Youth: The Massachusetts Avenue Project, by Claire Collie