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Cornell Small Farms Update
Cornell Small Farms Program Update

Feeding a Vision, by John Piotti
Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Soil, by Amy Overstreet

Hot Topic: Improving Water Quality on Dairy Farms in Vermont, by Rachel Carter

Farm Tech
Keeping Your Tractor Running! (Part 3), by Rich Taber

Food Security
Growing Sub-tropic Vegetables in New York City, by Sarah Nechamen

Forest, Field, and Woodlot
Lion’s Mane: A new candidate for profitable forest mushroom cultivation, by Ken Mudge
Weighing the Pros and Cons of Producing Birch Syrup, by Michael Farrell

Vital Signs: Split-Second Animal Performance Monitoring for Cows, by Meg Grzeskiewicz

Livestock and Poultry
Small Ruminant Grazing: The Trouble With Worms, by Sam Anderson
Copper Poisoning and Copper Deficiency in Sheep, by Ulf Kintzel
Kinderhook Farm: Sheep of Leisure Flock Together, by Angelique Pinet

Local Food & Markets
Perfecting the Package: The Importance of Labeling Farm Products, by Miriah Reynolds
Certification Programs: Labeling Farm Products for Consumer Understanding, by Elizabeth Burrichter

New & Beginning Farmers
USDA’s Youth Loan Program Attracts Young Women to Farming, by Devon Kenny

Resource Spotlight
Organic Mushroom Farming & Mycoremediation, by Tradd Codder

Seed Stories
Habanada: The Unmasked Habanero, by Petra Page-Mann

Stewardship & Nature
Farming with Nature: The Next Agrarian Frontier, by John M. Thurgood

Youth Pages
Edible Schoolyard NYC: “Thank You Gardeners, Thank You Cooks!”, by Annette Slonim

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