Fall 2020


The Cornell Small Farms Program is pleased to announce the arrival of the Fall 2020 edition of the Small Farms Quarterly.  

In this issue, we feature the second installment in our series on solar grazing, some tips on easy ways to increase fall harvests from Fruition Seeds, and the second installment in our beef series, which focuses on selecting a beef cattle breed that works for your farm.

You can read articles from the Fall 2020 Quarterly online now. Or if you’d rather flip through the articles in a magazine format, take a look at our online reader to peruse this issue or feel free to download the PDF version of the Quarterly. 

Online Reader: https://www.leepub.com/published/SFQ/SFQ-201005/

PDF Version: https://www.leepub.com/published/SFQ/SFQ-201005/docs/SFQ-201005.pdf


Cornell Small Farms Program Update

News from the Cornell Small Farms Program, Fall 2020


Featured Articles

There are Many Ways to Solar Graze by Ashley Bridge

Easy Ways to Harvest More this Fall by Petra Page-Mann

Selecting a Beef Cattle Breed by Rich Taber


CCE News

Will Dry Weather Create Forage Shortages This Winter? by David Balbian

Can Farm Employers Require Employees to Wear Face Coverings/Masks? by Rich Stup

Precision Apple Thinning with Computer-Based Plant Growth Models by Michael Basedow



Green Practices Can Negate Climate Emissions on New York Farms by Krishna Ramanujan

New York State Sanitizer and Cornell’s U-Pick Guide Boost Farm Success by Blaine Friedlander

Study Finds Food Safety Practices Benefit Small Farmers by Krishna Ramanujan


Additional Articles

Where Will Your Farm Go When You Are Gone? by Carolyn Wright

Watering the Flock by Ulf Kintzel

Spotted Lanternfly Has Officially Arrived in New York State by Debra E. Marvin

Glamping on Farms by Erica Frenay

New York Organic Dairy Market: The Silver Lining to the Dark Cloud of COVID-19 by Fay Benson