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Skilled and Professional Ag Managers

We train and support Advanced Beginning and Spanish-speaking farmers in gaining the skills necessary to manage and run successful farm businesses, while engaging with their farmer peers to create a larger, more successful NYS farming community.

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Upcoming courses

March 2023: Futuro Farm Management and Leadership Development Course - Brockport, NY

The course will be held in Brockport, NY. It will be held on March 14 and 15 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm both days.

Futuro in Ag continues to develop educational opportunities for farm business owners, managers and employees who speak Spanish as their first language, or are bilingual and reside in New York. Futuro's upcoming course offers professional training for Spanish-first farm managers and employees looking to improve their workplace communication skills and engagement with their employees or work teams.

The course will be held at SUNY Brockport in Western New York State and will address specific challenges faced by supervisors and team leaders in their agricultural workplaces. Our goal is to help develop participants' confidence in management and people management skills. A key element of the course is to introduce tools for successfully leading multicultural teams, including conflict resolution and team building strategies.

Questions? Contact Tim Shenk at in English or Spanish.

About Futuro Financiero

One-of-a-kind professional development experience that builds upon the knowledge that developing leadership skills among key employees is an investment in a farm business’s ultimate success.

Course outcomes include:

  • Deeper understanding of the farm business
  • Ability to create stronger, more efficient farm work teams
  • Increased communication across all farm employee levels
  • Increase in trust between employer and employees’
  • Deeper understanding of employees' value to the business
  • Increased overall confidence and personal well-being
  • Foundational knowledge for future career growth
co-hosted by Cornell Cooperative Extension

Farm Owner Testimonials for Futuro Financiero:

"The impact will be definite for this type of training. Without managers, our business could not function. We need capable people in managerial positions. The more effective middle managers are the more effective the overall business is."

-Class of 2019 Western New York Farm Business Owner

"The class absolutely will have a positive impact. She has more confidence in speaking English. She is texting more! Big difference!"

-Class of 2018 Western New York Farm Business Owner