Beginning Farmer Projects

Are you a beginning farmer looking to engage with our projects? The following projects address needs and support for farmers just getting started.

Farm Ops

This project offers resources and training events for military veterans in New York State who are pursuing careers in agriculture.

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Labor Ready

This project offers a team-based approach to building skills of new farmers and Latino agricultural employees wanting to climb the ladder from labor to management.

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Online Courses

The Cornell Small Farms Program offers a suite of more than 20 online courses to help farmers improve their technical and business skills.

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Specialty Mushrooms

Demand for specialty mushrooms is rapidly rising, as consumers look to purchase foods that are healthy, nutritious, and medicinal. This project offers training both in person and online, cultivation and marketing factsheets, videos, and guidebooks.

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Past Projects

In the last couple years, we've hosted various projects that produced useful resources. Although the projects below aren't currently being offered, we wanted to make sure they remained accessible

Profit Teams

Advanced Beginning Farmer Profit Team Project

This project provides 40 advanced beginning farmers with intensive support from a “New Farmer Profit Team” of advisers.

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Trainers Toolbox

Resources for Service Providers

Since 2009 the Beginning Farmer Learning Network has met once a year to share ideas and improve the support we collectively provide to beginning farmers. The Trainers Toolbox is the repository of presentations, documents, and webinars shared by members of this network.

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