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Stephanie Fisher is a beginning dairy goat farmer in Vermont. You can find her and her boyfriend’s blog at mountaincreatures.tumblr.com. She can be reached at stephaniefishes@gmail.com.

Flushing and Pheromones: Managing Breeding in the Dairy Goat Herd

By Stephanie Fisher / October 6, 2014

It’s fall, and while human children pick out their new notebooks, folders, and backpacks, I pick out my top does and bucks. The days grow shorter, and the temperature cools each day. Milk production has dipped and will continue to dip until the goats produce next to to nothing come their dry-off in mid-December. But…

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Kidding Tips and Tricks

By Stephanie Fisher / April 7, 2014

Getting creative with feeding and marketing dairy goat kids. The first kid of the season is a refresher. Despite two years of kidding and 250+ births witnessed, I’m surprised by that particular feeling of seeing a steaming baby wobbly in the hay. I stumble through the ceremony of taking the kid, cleaning it off, dipping…

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The Education of a Beginning Goat Farmer

By Stephanie Fisher / March 27, 2013

  I spent most of 2011 working and living in Brooklyn, NY with my boyfriend. I manned phones and servers in the semi-glamorous world of mail-order meat, while he managed an independent ice cream store in mid-town. We were trying our luck at post-graduate success, although it seemed our luck was running out; the effects…

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