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Stephanie Fisher is a beginning dairy goat farmer in Vermont. You can find her and her boyfriend’s blog at She can be reached at
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Flushing and Pheromones: Managing Breeding in the Dairy Goat Herd

By Stephanie Fisher / October 6, 2014

It’s fall, and while human children pick out their new notebooks, folders, and backpacks, I pick out my top does and bucks. The days grow shorter, and the temperature cools…

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Kidding Tips and Tricks

By Stephanie Fisher / April 7, 2014

Getting creative with feeding and marketing dairy goat kids. The first kid of the season is a refresher. Despite two years of kidding and 250+ births witnessed, I’m surprised by…

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The Education of a Beginning Goat Farmer

By Stephanie Fisher / March 27, 2013

  I spent most of 2011 working and living in Brooklyn, NY with my boyfriend. I manned phones and servers in the semi-glamorous world of mail-order meat, while he managed…

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