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Richard Stup addresses challenges facing the agricultural industry through educational programs and applied research. He also provides leadership as a liaison between the agricultural industry and employment-focused regulatory authorities. His focus is on human resource management, enhancing employee engagement, regulatory compliance, and leadership development at the farm level.

COVID-19 Prevention Efforts by New York Farmers

By Richard Stup / January 11, 2021

A survey of farm managers conducted during summer 2020. New York farmers confronted a massive, new challenge in 2020 from the global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus and the disease it causes in humans, COVID-19. Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development conducted a survey to capture a snapshot of the actions that farmers took in their…

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Can Farm Employers Require Employees to Wear Face Coverings/Masks?

By Richard Stup / October 20, 2020

Can Farm Employers Require Employees to Wear Face Coverings/Masks? The science about wearing face coverings/masks to reduce the spread of novel coronavirus is increasingly clear; wearing a mask dramatically reduces the amount and range of virus particles that an infected person emits into the air to potentially infect other people. Wearing a mask to protect…

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