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Richard Stup addresses challenges facing the agricultural industry through educational programs and applied research. He also provides leadership as a liaison between the agricultural industry and employment-focused regulatory authorities. His focus is on human resource management, enhancing employee engagement, regulatory compliance, and leadership development at the farm level.
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Labor Research: What’s Happening on Your Farm?

By Richard Stup / August 3, 2021

An important research project is gearing up in the next few weeks to understand what is happening with New York farm labor during this time of great change in markets, regulations and technology. It’s an opportunity for the voices of actual farm employers and employees to be heard through research! Strong participation from farm employers…

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COVID-19 Prevention Efforts by New York Farmers

By Richard Stup / January 11, 2021

A survey of farm managers conducted during summer 2020. New York farmers confronted a massive, new challenge in 2020 from the global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus and the disease it causes in humans, COVID-19. Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development conducted a survey to capture a snapshot of the actions that farmers took in their…

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Can Farm Employers Require Employees to Wear Face Coverings/Masks?

By Richard Stup / October 20, 2020

Can Farm Employers Require Employees to Wear Face Coverings/Masks? The science about wearing face coverings/masks to reduce the spread of novel coronavirus is increasingly clear; wearing a mask dramatically reduces the amount and range of virus particles that an infected person emits into the air to potentially infect other people. Wearing a mask to protect…

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