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Melissa Jo Hill is a new media specialist and writer for Cornell Cooperative Extension. Prior to joining CCE, she worked in book marketing, PR, and branding, and has a background in web development and design.
SFQ farmer mental health cce

Cornell, CCE Responding to Farming Mental Health Crisis

By Melissa Jo Hill / April 3, 2023

As the nature of farming can lead to feelings of social isolation, it is important that farmers feel like they have people to talk to about their issues.  Nicole Tommell knows well the financial challenges today’s farmers face. But over the last few years, Tommell – an agricultural business management specialist for Cornell Cooperative Extension…

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SFQ seeds supper gathering

Seed to Supper Sows Confidence while Addressing Food Insecurity

By Melissa Jo Hill / January 10, 2022

A program from Cornell Garden Based Learning, administered through local Cornell Cooperative Extension Associations, Seed to Supper is focused on growing food for home use. Over 2.9 million New Yorkers across the state — a third of whom are children — rely on food assistance programs. Even temporary food insecurity can be discouraging and disempowering for…

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