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Claire is a Senior in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. She chose an interdisciplinary major where she could blend her passions for small-scale agriculture and education. Claire comes from a small dairy farm in Pine Plains, NY, where she grew an appreciation for the natural environment, but it was through FFA that she developed a passion for education. She hopes to one day bring agriculture to her classroom and to support community agriculture.
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New York Chickpeas to Benefit Farm Diversity and Local Markets

By Claire Norman / July 20, 2021

Evidence suggests that certain varieties of chickpeas could grow successfully on the East Coast. Chickpeas are susceptible to blight, so traditionally they are grown in the drier climates of Africa,…

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Hops Breeding Program to Support Better New York Varieties

By Claire Norman / June 25, 2021

Craft brewing is one of the fastest growing areas of the craft beverage industry in New York. There are more than 440 licensed breweries across New York which contribute 20,000…

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Finding the Answer to Weed Control on Organic Orchards

By Claire Norman / June 9, 2021

The two common organic weed control strategies of cultivation and mulch lack sufficiency when used solely. However, when combined with the use of herbicides, they function fairly well, according to…

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In the News: Small Farms Team Advocates for Ag Diversity and Food Security

By Claire Norman / April 21, 2021

Despite there being over 80,000 Hispanic and Latinx employees in New York state’s agricultural sector, only 1% of farm owners identify as such. Hispanic and Latinx farming employees are the…

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Logan Yarbrough | Farmer Veteran

By Claire Norman / January 16, 2018

Logan Yarbrough joined the United States Army after high school where he was deployed four times to Iraq and Afghanistan. After medically retiring from the military he noticed some weak…

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Tricia Park | Farmer Veteran

By Claire Norman / January 16, 2018

Tricia Park joined the United States Air Force after high school where she served two tours at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey and was an Aerospace Ground Equipment Mechanic. Joining…

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Kevin Miller | Farmer Veteran

By Claire Norman / January 16, 2018

Kevin Miller served in the U.S. Army for 15 years. He was medically retired in 2013 after sustaining injuries in Afghanistan that led to a leg amputation. Since retiring, Kevin…

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CCE Helps Veteran Farmers Grow Their Dream

By Claire Norman / January 10, 2018

Peter and John both farmed as young boys and decided to get back into it after retiring from the military. With the help of Cornell Cooperative Extension Specialist Nancy Glazier,…

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Elly’s Acres Farmer Veteran Tour

By Claire Norman / December 20, 2017

John Lamondes purposely chose to venture into farming after retiring from 27 years of service in the United States Military. Farming became a life-long goal of his after working on…

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Centurion Farm Farmer Veteran Tour

By Claire Norman / December 19, 2017

Centurion Farm is owned and operated by Nina and Jeffrey Saeli, veterans of the United States Military. After retiring from many years of service, they moved to New York and…

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