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Brian Moyer is a Program Assistant with Pennsylvania State Extension in Lehigh County. He can be reached at or 610-391-9840.

Do Your Products Meet Your Customer Values?

By Brian Moyer / October 2, 2017

Many times when we introduce our products to the marketplace, we don’t always think about how our potential customers will view the product. We may know how special our new…

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Finding and Keeping Your CSA Members

By Brian Moyer / October 6, 2014

On average, CSA’s have to replace 55% of their shareholders every year, so what can we do to keep them coming back? One of the attractions of having a CSA…

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Pricing Your Meat Cuts

By Brian Moyer / April 2, 2012

So, you’re thinking about raising livestock for direct-to-consumer sales. You’ve figured out what kind of livestock you want to raise, what kind of infrastructure you will need, soil tested your…

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