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Elizabeth Lamb is a Senior Extension Associate with the NYS Integrated Pest Management Program at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. For more information, contact Elizabeth Lamb at 607 254-8800 or
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Chrysanthemum White Rust: Good Management Prevents Major Losses

By Elizabeth Lamb / October 1, 2012

by Elizabeth Lamb, Margery Daughtrey, Margaret Kelly Chrysanthemum white rust (CWR) is a fungal disease of chrysanthemums caused by Pucciniahoriana that can cause severe damage, including complete crop loss due to direct effects of the disease or to quarantine procedures. Pot mums, garden mums and mums grown for cut flowers are all susceptible to the…

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Winter Homework? Take an Online Class!

By Elizabeth Lamb / January 9, 2012

Winter has arrived!  What can you do with those long evenings?  Learn something new with distance learning! ‘Distance learning’ is the delivery of instruction through electronic means where the instructor and learner are geographically separate.  There are a wide variety of types of distance learning but this article will focus on some of the on-line…

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Building the C in CSA: Websites, Newsletters and Blogs for Community Supported Agriculture Members

By Elizabeth Lamb / October 3, 2011

The first things that come to mind when starting a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farming operation probably relate more to the what, where, when, and who of growing crops than to planning your website and writing newsletters.  But the C in CSA does stand for community and getting and keeping members is essential to your…

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Your first line of defense for greenhouse pest control? Keep it clean

By Elizabeth Lamb / January 9, 2011

Much of using greenhouse sanitation for managing disease, insect and weed pests is common sense.  Finding a way to fit it into your production system is sometimes the hard part – making it such a part of how you grow plants that you don’t even have to think about it.  As Dr. P. Allen Hammer…

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Another Tool for your Disease Management Toolbox: Disease Resistant Varieties

By Elizabeth Lamb / October 3, 2010

Last summer’s tomato late blight epidemic may have been the first time many people heard about using resistant varieties to control disease.  But what is disease resistance and how can it help small vegetable farmers and home gardeners? What is disease resistance? Disease resistance is a plant’s genetic ability to prevent a disease causing pathogen…

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Resource Spotlight: Organic Insect and Disease Management

By Elizabeth Lamb / October 3, 2010

As new plant diseases seem to appear every year, it is a good idea to have some resources to help you identify and treat them.  Here are a few places to find information on disease identification and control that fits into an organic production system. 1) Disease and insect management for organic producers can be…

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Grow Trees Not Weeds! Weed Control Strategies in Christmas Tree Plantings

By Elizabeth Lamb / April 4, 2010

Weeds in Christmas tree plantings are often the most difficult pests to control. They can reduce growth rates in young trees and affect the shape of older ones. They can provide a refuge for insects and create microclimates that diseases love. And they just get in the way of shearing, spraying and harvesting. Planning before…

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