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Ben Tyler is the farm's Project Manager. He has over a decade of experience in permaculture design, sustainable housing, organic farming, and community development projects. He has worked with local governments, NGOs, non-profits, organic farms, and intentional communities in North America, Latin America and Europe, and teaches permaculture design certification courses, natural building workshops and organic farming seminars. You can read more about Ben's previous natural building projects on his blog, Ben's Natural Building.
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New Findings Further the Study of Dynamic Accumulators

By Ben Tyler / April 4, 2022

A new on-farm study in Central New York sheds light on the potential applications for dynamic accumulator plants for Northeast farmers and growers. By Ben Tyler and Greta Zarro As permaculture principles gain popularity, there is growing interest in “dynamic accumulator” plants and their potential as nutrient catch crops, “chop and drop” mulches, and fodder…

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