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Agnes is a Senior in CALS studying Animal Science with minors in Spanish and Entomology. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Agnes has been interested in agriculture and small-scale farming from a young age. Since arriving at Cornell, she has spent much of her time working with sheep, including most recently a research project investigating sheep grazing on solar panel arrays. More broadly, Agnes is interested in community-based farming, agriculture education and outreach, and supporting Spanish speaking farmers.

Aphid-Eating Ladybugs Supplement Their Diet with Leafy Greens

By Agnes Guillo / January 5, 2021

Ladybugs are an important agricultural tool and help farmers by feeding on aphids, thereby controlling this serious agricultural pest. For this reason, learning which types of plants ladybugs eat, and how to keep these beneficial insects healthy, can be a great advantage for farmers. Most animals have an appetite for five major nutrient groups: carbohydrates,…

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