Farm Ops Offering Veteran Scholarships to Attend the 2022 Silvopasture Showcase Tour

“Within the practice of agroforestry, or mixing trees with agricultural production, the concept of silvopasture has some of the broadest appeal. Many farms already work with livestock, and making good use of forested land for multiple yields is highly beneficial to the farmer.”  Steve Gabriel.

The USDA defines Silvopasture as the deliberate integration of trees and grazing livestock operations on the same land. These systems are intensively managed for both forest products and forage, providing both short- and long-term income sources.

Well-managed silvopastures employ agronomic principals, typically including introduced or native pasture grasses, fertilization and nitrogen-fixing legumes, and rotational grazing systems that employ short grazing periods that maximize vegetative plant growth and harvest. The annual grazing income helps cash flow the tree operation while the tree crop matures and creates easy access if and when the trees or tree products are harvested. While these systems can require a number of management activities, the benefits can make it worthwhile.”

This scholarship opportunity supports a veteran’s attendance to the 2022 Silvopasture Showcase Tour. Veterans may request reimbursement for registration, mileage, hotel stay, and a $100 participation stipend to offset other related costs.

Be sure to read through the event materials at the 2022 Silvopasture Showcase Tour Website, register, and make hotel reservations. Then visit the Farm Ops Scholarship page and follow the steps outlined to submit your scholarship request. Read Steve Gabriel’s “Six Key Principles for a Successful Silvopasture”.

Nina Saeli

Nina retired from active duty in 2009. She and her husband, Jeffrey, own and operate Centurion Farm in Locke, NY. Nina also now works with the Cornell Small Farms Program as coordinator of our Farm Ops project supporting veterans in agriculture.