Farm Ops Application: BF 138 Getting Started with Pastured Pigs

Farm Ops will be providing the opportunity for 20 military veterans, residing in NY or NJ, to apply for free enrollment into the Cornell Small Farms online course, Getting Started with Pastured Pigs. This course runs from Monday January 10, 2022 to Monday February 14, 2022.

Cornell Small Farms Online Course Free Enrollment: This will provide access to the course materials and enable you to participate in the instructor led online classroom sessions. Selection of approved applications may be based on your ability to complete the coursework, attend the instructor led classroom lectures, and attend the separate veteran learning cohort sessions. Previous selection for and failure to participate in trainings and other events can impact your selection for future opportunities. This opportunity is funded in part by the US Department of Veterans Affairs’ Canandaigua VA Medical Center.

Farm Ops Veteran Learning Cohort Sessions:  Everyone that applies, even if not approved for enrollment into the online course at no cost, will be welcome to attend the Veteran Learning Cohort Sessions, which will be led by the online course instructor or other subject matter experts related to the course topic. These discussion sessions provide opportunities to collaborate with peers and enhance your learning experience. As you engage with your cohort members, you may be exposed to new careers, opinions, experiences, and ideas. Because you may have similar interests, goals, and/or experiences as some of your peers, being part of a cohort makes it easier to further network and build relationships.

Online Course Access: If your application is approved, you will receive enrollment instructions and be given a date by which you must enroll.

About BF 138: Getting Started with Pastured Pigs

This course is formatted to guide beginning farmers through the production and marketing of pigs raised in pasture settings. Pigs can function as a profitable stand-alone enterprise or can be integrated into your existing farm structure to provide a variety of products and make use of marginal lands that would otherwise go unused. Pigs are also ideal for turning agricultural wastes such as spent grain, whey, or seconds into a valuable product, and with proper management they can improve the land where they are kept.

Application Closes: November 19, 2021.

Please view our Farm Ops Event Series page to see upcoming opportunities for veterans.

Nina Saeli

Nina retired from active duty in 2009. She and her husband, Jeffrey, own and operate Centurion Farm in Locke, NY. Nina also now works with the Cornell Small Farms Program as coordinator of our Farm Ops project supporting veterans in agriculture.
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