In the News: Our Director Featured in “Extension Out Loud” Podcast

In the latest episode of “Extension Out Loud,” a podcast by Cornell Cooperative Extension, the Cornell Small Farms Program’s director, Anu Rangarajan, shared her approach to extension work and her vision for the future of New York farm and food systems.

This episode was the third of the podcast’s latest series, “Leading Through Extension,” which features CCE leaders discussing their work in extension work and what they see for the organization’s path forward, especially after this past tumultuous year.

Building networks and cultivating relationships among farmers across New York State is a key aspect of our program’s work, and Rangarajan shared during the podcast that staying connected was more difficult yet more important than ever during the past year.

“We’re trying to … create reflective spaces for farmers to really redefine for themselves what joyful farming looks like and what happiness means,” Rangarajan said.

Looking toward the future, Rangarajan reflected on our program’s vision of a more diverse agriculture community in New York State.

Read more about the “Extension Out Loud” episode, including various listening options, transcript and show notes, on CALS News.

Kacey Deamer

Kacey is the Communications Manager for the Cornell Small Farms Program. In this role, she manages all storytelling and outreach across the program’s website, social media, e-newsletter, magazine and more. Kacey has worked in communications and journalism for more than a decade, with a primary focus on science and sustainability.
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