In the News: Our Recommended Crops for First-Time Growers

In December 2018, Hello Homestead, an online resource for beginning farmers and homesteaders, published an article discussing crop options for first-time farmers. Within the article, various experts are quoted giving their advice about what to grow, and how to get started. Among these experts, Small Farms Program’s own Erica Ferney was referenced several times. Erica, who manages online courses, recommended garlic or onions as a hardy crop and reminded beginning farmers not to skimp on seeds.
Read the full article to see what the other experts said, and what they think the best crop is for first-time growers.

The Best Crops For First-Time Growers, Hello Homestead, December 11, 2018

Anna Birn

Anna Birn is a junior studying Agricultural Science with a minor in Community Food Systems. She works as a student assistant at the Cornell Small Farms Program, supporting its communications and outreach efforts.
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