Learn About Ecological Design in Online Permaculture Course

Are you ready to build your knowledge about permaculture and ecological design? Permaculture gardens, farms, and backyards balance the provision of human needs with improvement of local ecosystem health. The School of Integrative Plant Science at Cornell University has opened registration to the online course Permaculture: Fundamentals of Ecological Design, from Nov. 5 to Dec. 20, 2018. The course will be offered through the University’s Horticulture distance learning program.

This 6.5-week-long course provides an opportunity for you to build your knowledge about permaculture and ecological design. Participants will explore the content through videos, readings, and activities and complete portions of a design for a site of their choosing. While the course is online, the format is designed for consistent interaction between instructors and students through forums and review of assignments. Readings and presentations will be directly applied through hands-on activities students will engage with at home.

Space is limited to 20 participants, and registration will close when the limit is reached. The registration fee is $675, to be paid via credit card at registration.

The distance learning program has two additional permaculture design courses. Completion of a single class gives students a certificate of completion, while completion of all three courses gives students the portfolio necessary to apply for an internationally recognized certification in Permaculture Design though the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute. The additional courses include:

  • Permaculture Design: Ecosystem Mimicry (Jan. 7 to Feb. 21, 2019) fee: $675
  • Permaculture Design: Design Practicum (March 4 to April 4, 2019) fee: $325
    • Note: the prerequisite for this course is one or both of the other Cornell permaculture courses

Registration opens about six weeks before courses begin. For more information on the Horticulture distance learning program, visit their FAQ page.

Kacey Deamer

Kacey is the Communications Manager for the Cornell Small Farms Program. In this role, she manages all storytelling and outreach across the program’s website, social media, e-newsletter, magazine and more. Kacey has worked in communications and journalism for more than a decade, with a primary focus on science and sustainability.


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