Blue Spade Farm

Blue Spade Farm was started at the end of 2015 with the goal of raising animals is a more environmentally sustainable system. Blue Spade Farm raises Spanish Boer Goats on a pasture system that limits inputs and mimics the natural ecosystem to the best of its ability.  This system creates a healthy atmosphere for the goats giving them a diverse and rich diet. This diet keeps the need for grains down in turn keeping the goats healthier.

Location: Brooktondale, NY


Top 3 Products: Goat stew, leg roasts and bone in curry cuts

How has the Profit Team Program will help your farm?: I hope that the profit team will help me see where my farm can go from here. with the information I gain I would like to see how much I should expand in the goat meat market before I can plateau and need to diversify into other enterprises on my farm. I look forward to setting real goals for the farm that can be accomplished and make it a profitable business in the future.

When you envision your farm business five years from now, what differences do you see?: Five years from now I would like to be on a bigger spot of land, looking at what a larger herd of goats and at least one to two more products coming off the farm to increase the farm diversity.

If you weren’t a farmer, what would your dream job be?: I had the goal of being a strength coach before I started this so I would likely be on that path.

What is your best piece of advice for an aspiring farmer?: Find a mentor, get some experience on other working farms and try and get some school under the belt to understand the science behind the agroecosystem.

Kat McCarthy

Through her role as the Beginning Farmer Project Coordinator at the Cornell Small Farms, Kat McCarthy supported the Labor Ready Farmer project from August 2017 through May 2018. 
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