Book Review: Mycorrhizal Planet by Michael Phillips

MycoPlanet 2jkviafOne of the great mysteries of the soil are the mycorrhizal fungi, which live by forming beneficial relationships to plants. “Myco” means mushroom, and “rhizal” root, and these truly unique organisms are seen as one of the keys to healthy soil and plant communities.

Until now, information to better understand the ways they work and how we can support their vitality was left to obscure and complex texts littered with scientific jargon. Farmer and orchard master Michael Phillips offers a wonderful book that helps explain the phenomenon, in terms anyone can understand.

In his book, Phillips explains the science and different forms mycorrhizae can take, linking this in the process to healthy plant metabolism and ultimately crop health, be it in gardens, fields, orchards, or forests. The text is full of practical examples that offer a way to apply newfound understanding immediately to improve many situations.

Above all, the focus is on creating “fungal conditions” and managing the system, not just the plant. Phillip’s approach and language is sure to benefit farmers and gardeners alike, giving voice to an unseen force of any natural system.

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