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The Bineyard

6515_171575936350797_1563837832_nAt The Bineyard, only the freshest quality hops will be produced. Unlike large, commercial hops farms, The Bineyard grows on a smaller scale, which means we can more delicately pick the hops straight off the bine and into your brew.
Upon harvest, our hops are on the dryer within the hour, then vacuum-sealed and freezer-stored to reduce oxygen contamination and ensure freshness.
Believe it or not, Central New York – and Madison County specifically – once ruled the hop industry. The state established national leadership in hop production in 1849, and was selling over three million pounds annually by 1855! The Bineyard wants to help bring this once prosperous industry back to where it belongs.
Location: Cazenovia, NY
Website: http://www.thebineyard.com/
Top 3 Products: Growing & Processing hops

How has the Profit Team Program helped your farm?: 
Financial focus & legal help
13912403_630383397136713_7831375472983808073_nWhen you envision your farm business five years from now, what differences do you see?: The Bineyard will have laser focus on helping the hop industry thrive like it once used to be a century ago, this includes knowledge as well as collaboration within the local markets to promote success for all.
If you weren’t a farmer, what would your dream job be?: Computer Geek
What is your best piece of advice for an aspiring farmer?: Start small. Hard work & calculated risk pays off. Stop by The Bineyard to learn hops.


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