North Country Creamery

North Country Creamery is a 100% grassfed, Non-GMO, & Animal Welfare Approved dairy in Keeseville, NY. They produce and sell an array of farmstead cheeses, creamline yogurts, & RAW milk! All of their products are made exclusively with the fresh milk from Milking Shorthorn and Jersey cows, and other ingredients are limited to cultures, local herbs, maple syrup & organic extracts–no added colors or stabilizers.
North Country Creamery cows receive the utmost care through the use of tinctures, essential oils, and homeopathic remedies, if ever they are in need.
Location: Keeseville, NY
Top 3 Products: Yogurt, cheese, and an on-farm cafe,
How has the Profit Team Program helped your farm?: We’ve just begun the program, so we envision the profit team helping our farm with our ideas for expansion.
When you envision your farm business five years from now, what differences do you see?: I hope to be milking ~30 cows and buying in more milk to process a wider variety of dairy products. Our cafe will be open year-round, and the farmhouse will be converted into a Bed & Breakfast. I would like to maintain a thriving and supportive community, and further balance our quality of life.
If you weren’t a farmer, what would your dream job be?: That’s the most difficult question I’ve been asked in a while. I’ll have to get back to you!
What is your best piece of advice for an aspiring farmer?: Start as slow as you can stand, have superb mentors, and work on a variety of other farms before starting your own.

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