#5 Site Renovation

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Blacktop, Concrete, and Structure Removal
Farmers will often have to deal with existing blacktop and concrete surfaces when preparing vacant lots or other sites for urban farming.  In such instances, farmers can choose to plant into containers or raised beds on top of these surfaces, or opt for removal of the blacktop/concrete.  There are several online resources available to guide someone through the process of blacktop or concrete removal, or farmers can hire private companies.  It should be noted, however, that removal and dump fees can be expensive, and this high cost should be taken into consideration when deciding a course of action, particularly in the case of short-term or tenuous lease agreements.
Deconstruction Services
Deconstruction is an alternative to demolition that minimizes solid waste, reduces environmental impact, and the products of which are often tax deductible.  Additionally, companies and organizations will often remove salvaged materials from the site as donations.  Organizations offering deconstruction services and who may be able to assist with blacktop, concrete and structure removal in New York State include:

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