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VeteranSilo ‘Farm Ops’ for Veterans in Agriculture
This project offers resources and training events for military veterans in New York State who are pursuing careers in agriculture. Read more…
Advanced Beginning Farmer Profit Team Project
This projects provides 40 advanced beginning farmers with intensive support from a “New Farmer Profit Team” of advisers. Read more…
B2P_Website Baskets to Pallets: Preparing Small and Mid-scale Farmers to Enter Food Hubs, Restaurants & Groceries
The Baskets to Pallets Project equips ag service providers and farmers with the knowledge and resources needed to successfully enter new wholesale markets. Read more…
4 Reduced Tillage in Vegetables
Reduced tillage practices are important for building soil health. Successful strategies can take many forms. This project works to help growers at diverse scales reduce tillage while managing vegetable production systems that build better soils. Read more…
4 Support for Beginning Farmers
We offer 24 online courses, a “Plan Your Farm” hub with self guided tutorials, production videos, a service provider directory, and much more!
90X114_Mushroom Woodland Mushroom Cultivation
The Cornell Small Farms Program is engaged in a two year project to elevate development of a new niche crop in the New York; log-grown shiitake mushrooms.  Learn more about the project by heading over to our site devoted to all things Mushroom.
3 NY Small Farm Summits
The Small Farm Summits are opportunities for farmers, educators and small farm advocates to gather across NY and prioritize emerging issues and opportunities that will strengthen the small farm sector.  The next Summit is scheduled for 2016. Read more….

Other Resources

The above projects are in addition to the Small Farm Quarterly magazine that we publish in cooperation with Country Folks. We issue a bimonthly electronic newsletter called the “Small Farms Update” which summarizes Small Farm news, events, resources and grants. Check our Events page for upcoming classes, workshops and trainings, and look for our Guides and Publications in our Resources section.