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Mushrooms to Dining Rooms: Meet the People Behind the Food Chain

The third installment in the Small Farms Program’s Small Farms: New Markets webinar series, this webinar features Alan Kaufman of Shibumi Farm, Jennifer Goggin of FarmersWeb, and Anthony Fassio of the Natural Gourmet Institute. Alan Kaufman began growing exotic mushrooms as a hobby in his home basement in 2003. Today he produces as much as … Read More

Sustainable Farm Energy

Improving Sustainable Farm Energy in NY Education centered around energy efficiency and renewable energy is an important component of farm sustainability, as often simple and inexpensive measures can save farmers money while improving air quality and reducing the environmental footprint of the farm. From 2014 – 2017, the Northeast SARE state program in New York … Read More

New survey for commercial forest mushroom growers seeks to catalog a rapidly growing industry

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 12, 2015 CONTACT: Steve Gabriel Agroforestry Specialist Cornell Small Farms Program 607.342.2825 Cornell University, Ithaca NY — a new survey has been released by the Cornell Small Farms program to assess the current state and future prospects for active and beginning mushrooms growers in the temperate regions of North America. … Read More

Veterans in Ag Working Group Summaries

Click on a Vets in Ag Summit working group to view the summary! Communication & Outreach | Training for Service Providers | Vets Starting Farms | Vets Employed on Farms Communication & Outreach Strategies to Reach NY Veterans Reaching veterans about agricultural opportunities will require several strategies, based upon their age and internet connectivity.  A … Read More

Grazing Our Way to Health

A Farmer’s Journey to Raising Grass-Fed Beef. By Marvin Moyer “How do you raise your beef? Do you use growth hormones? Do you feed your animals GMO grain and what about antibiotics and herbicides?” These are questions I hear again and again. Consumers are showing an interest in how their food is produced. Ever since the … Read More

Mushrooms Turning a Profit for Forest Farmers in the Northeast

Research Shows Woodland-Cultivated Shiitake Mushrooms to be a Leader in Profitable Agroforestry Crops. By Steve Gabriel One long held assumption about many agroforestry practices is that while they promote positive land stewardship, the economics just aren’t there. Often farmers only adopt practices if there are financial incentives (NRCS programs, for example) or if the practices … Read More

Online Mushroom Production Course Offered Feb. 2015

Forest mushroom cultivation is an emerging niche crop with potential to improve farmer stewardship of forests while offering a unique and highly desired product. Learn the background, techniques and economics of small outdoor (forest grown) commercial mushroom production in an online course starting February 24th.  BF 150: Woodland Mushroom Cultivation is a 6-week online course that … Read More

SFQ Editors/Writers Meeting on November 18th, 2014

Meeting Presentation Download the Meeting Presentation (PDF) Meeting Notes Download the Notes (WORD) Agenda 10:00am Welcome and Introductions 10:05am What is Working?  What Isn’t?  What could improve SFQ? Editors’ and Writers’ critical review of: submission process support from Cornell Small Farms Program office magazine’s visibility, content and success 10:20am Editors & Writers Roundtable.   How do you find writers or topics?  How … Read More

Small Livestock Farm Reaches Big Market

Lucki 7 Farms in Rodman, NY By Rachel Whiteheart With its rich loamy soil, plentiful water, and flat basin land, it’s unsurprising that Stephen Winkler and his family settled down in Jefferson County, New York. The Winklers purchased the original 100 acres, house, and barn of what would soon become Lucki 7 Farms in 1997, … Read More

Greasing the Farm Wheels: Tips From a Former First-Year Farmer

The day-to-days of farm life are decorated with strings of lessons, just waiting to be pulled to see the mystery that lies on the other end. By Alicia Anderson To me, farming is about leaving the security of the 9-5 structure, the comfort of specialized tasks, completed over and over again, to push limits, to … Read More

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