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Small Farms Bi-Monthly Update

Our Small Farms Bi-Monthly Update brings you small farm announcements, events, job and internship opportunities, grant and loan opportunities, and other small farm resources. It is intended for farmers and agricultural service providers in New York and the Northeast. If you have an item to be included in the update, please contact Violet Stone at Sign up here!

Looking for a grant opportunity or resource that appeared a few issues back?   To view current or previous 2014 issues, click on the links in the table below.

2015 Enews Updates Archive

Issue 1  Issue 2
November  November 1st Issue November 16th Issue
October  October 1st Issue October 15th Issue
September  September 3rd Issue  September 15th Issue
August  August 1st Issue  August 17th Issue
July  July 1st Issue  July 16th Issue
June  June 5th Issue  June 15th Issue
May  May 4th Issue  May 18th Issue
April  April 1st Issue  April 15th Issue
March  March 2nd Issue  March 16th Issue
February  February 2nd Issue  February 16th Issue
January   No Issue  January 15th Issue

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Looking for something that appeared in 2012? Visit the  2012 archive!

Small Farm Statistics

Need Small Farm Statistics?  We’ve compiled a page of facts and figures here.

News Archive

Looking for past press releases and news information on agriculture events, publications, and resources for small farmers? Read past news posts here.