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Resource Spotlight

Feature 1

One Website: Same Info!

Have you noticed our new look? Yes, we’ve merged our sister site, the Northeast Beginning Farmers Project, with the Small Farms Program website. You can now find all the great features of both sites in one place!

Feature 2

Funding Opportunities

Looking for grants and loans? Be sure to check out the new webinar presentation Free Money? for tips to help you find a good fit for your farm financing needs!

Feature 3

Online Farming Courses for Everyone

Interactive 5-7-week courses connect you to the information and people you need to start a successful farm business or diversify your farm. Click here to view the course catalogue.

Feature 4

Growing Woodland Mushrooms?

We’re busy developing new online training modules, planning tools and gearing up to offer you one-on-one support. Learn about upcoming opportunities and resources. Click here.!

Feature 5

Reduced Tillage and Soil Health

This project works to help vegetable growers integrate practices that work on their own farm. We do field research, partner with farmers and extension educators, and aim to build a network of growers to share experience. Click here.

Feature 6

Starting a Farm?

Do you need help turning your farm dream into action? The self-guided tutorials on our Northeast Beginning Farmers Project website walk you through drafting the foundation for your business plan. Visit the Plan Your Farm Hub.

Feature 7

Programs for Farmer Veterans

Veterans often encounter unique obstacles when considering entering into farming. Read about the resources and training we’re offering to military veterans at our Farm Ops page.


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Work with farmers markets or farmers market vendors?

The Farmers Market Federation of NY and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County are preparing a project looking to address the decline of customers at farmers markets as a whole since the summer of 2016. Answer this quick (12 question) survey to help them better understand how you work with farmers markets, and if you might … Read More

Small Ruminant Producers: Do you want to improve your parasite control through genetic selection?

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