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Resource Spotlight

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New! Log-Based Shiitake Cultivation

This guide introduces the principals of shiitake cultivation. It combines insights gathered from professional growers, on-farm trial and university based research all within the Northeast US. Click here to view the Guide.

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Small Farm Quarterly

Are you looking for ways to farm profitably without getting bigger? Do you like to read about families who are living a good life on a small farm? If so, you’ll enjoy Small Farm Quarterly. Read online or subscribe by mail!

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Looking for Funding?

An increasing number of grant & loan programs are available to farmers. If you’re exploring how to finance your farm, be sure to check out our extensive library of funding opportunities! Click here!

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On-Farm Poultry Slaughter Guidelines

Do you process less than 1000 poultry/year on your farm? Have you had difficulty getting liability insurance because your birds aren’t processed in an inspected facility? This Guide is for you!

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Wholesale Marketing Resources

Interested in transitioning into wholesale marketing? Check out the Wholesale section of our  Marketing page for an extensive list of wholesale resources.

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Help with Livestock Processing?

Need to locate a slaughterhouse? Want to learn about mobile slaughter units? Have questions about rules and regulations? Find answers at our new Livestock resource pages.


Long Island Food Conference 4/25

The Long Island Food Conference is right around the corner – Saturday, April 25th at Hofstra University. The conference promises to be a great day for anyone interested in learning about growing food, eating healthy and promoting/supporting our local food movement. Not only are there wonderful educational workshops planned and a phenomenal plenary speaker in Stephen Ritz of … Read More

Producing and Marketing Birch Syrup

Birch syrup often gets a bad rap for being difficult to produce and developing a very strong flavor, but birch can be a profitable addition to a maple operation if you can tap into the right markets! Read this Small Farms Quarterly article to find out the best processing and marketing techniques for birch syrup.

Insurance for Mushroom Growers Now Available

Forest mushroom cultivation has recently been growing in popularity, due to the abundance of forest resources in the northeast and the relative low-cost of startup operations. Growers interested in cultivation have sometimes found one major hurdle; insurance companies would deny or drop coverage upon learning the farm was planning on mushroom cultivation, mostly over fears of the liability incurred … Read More