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Resource Guide to Direct Marketing Livestock and Poultry

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Table of Contents:

I.            Credits
II.           Introduction to Meat Regulation
III.         How Regulations are Classified
IV.          Who are the Responsible Parties of the Tiered System?
V.            Handling Slaughter Animals
VI.          Animal Identification and Health Records
VII.         Slaughtering, Cutting, and Processing
VIII.       Mobile Slaughtering and/or Processing
IX.          The Cuts
X.            Yields and Dressing Percentages
XI.          Value Added Products
XII.         Packaging Options
XIII.       Labeling
XIV.        Regulatory Enforcement
XV.          Satisfying the Customer
XVI.        Certification Programs and Product Claims
XVII.       Wholesale Market Opportunities
XVIII.     Retail Market Opportunities
IXX.         Safe Product Handling
XX.          Additional Retailing Concerns
XXI.         By Product Marketing Opportunities for Consideration
XXII.       Ensuring Meat Safety – HACCP, SOP and GMP
XXIII.      Risk Management and Insurance Considerations for Farmers Selling Direct
XXIV.      Licenses to Consider
XXV.        Other Departments Farmers May Need to Contact
XXVI.      Glossary Of Terms
XXVII.     Resources and References
XXVIII.   Agencies to Contact for Additional Information