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Articles on Labor Management

Making the Leap to Owner-Operator: Are You Labor Ready?” by Ethan Grundberg, ENYCHP
Supervising Seasonal and Temporary Workers: Special Considerations” by Elizabeth Higgins, ENYCHP

Upcoming Events & Workshops – 2019

Two Labor Ready workshops scheduled for Spring 2019.  Updated information and registration link coming soon!  Please feel free to contact us in the meantime, we are always happy to hear from you!
Farm Management Master Classes. Two-day Intensive Workshops Focusing on Employee Supervision.


Past Events

Western New York Master Class for Bilingual Orchard Crew Members
This series of seven classes was offered in fall 2018. The course intended to enhance the leadership and management skill-set, as well as the English-language proficiency of Spanish-speaking middle managers.  Training outcomes for orchard crew members included, increased confidence in English-language communication, people skills and overall business acumen.  Future training opportunities are currently under consideration. Please contact  project staff if you would be interested in similar training opportunities for yourself or the employees you manage.
Roundtables in Spanish
Sessions took place in the Hudson Valley and in western New York for Latino agricultural employees to gather feedback and help inform program development. These roundtables offered an opportunity to discuss the role of a farm manager and identify skills that are important to successfully climb the ladder from laborer to management. Events took place:

  • March 12, 4-7 pm, Goshen, NY – contact Gabriela Pereyra for more information to sign up by email or phone (212)788-7900 x288
    • 12 de Marzo de 4 a 7 pm en Goshen, NY- Para registrarse llamar a Gabriela Pereyra al (212)788-7900 x288 o envía un email
  • March 16, 1-4 pm, Wayne County – more information can be found in the event announcement or on the registration website
  • March 17, 1-4 PM, Orleans County – more information can be found in the event announcement or on the registration website