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Inventive Farmer Brings Kefir Cheese to Market

By Violet Stone / April 4, 2010

Rose Marie Belforti scaled up a home recipe for raw milk kefir cheese to a commercial process Welcome to the Northeast SARE Spotlight! SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) offers grants to farmers, educators, universities and communities that are working to make agriculture more sustainable – economicly, environmentally, and socially. Learn about whether a SARE…

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From farm to market: choosing the right marketing channel for your farm

By Rebecca Schuelke Staehr / April 4, 2010

  The list of where, and how, to sell produce, milk, meat and other items raised on the farm is long. Today, many farmers are making sales through farmers markets, farm shares, roadside stands, grocery stores, websites, festivals. Most farmers use more than one market channel to get farm goods to the consumer, and most…

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Connecting Aspiring Farmers with Existing Land: Connecticut Farm Link Program

By Jane Slupeki / April 4, 2010

In 2006, the Connecticut Department of Agriculture established the FarmLink Program. The goal of the program is to connect farmer seekers with farm owners with agricultural land for rent or for sale. The program also disseminates information on leasing and farm transfer to the next generation of farmers. That is the official line I use…

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Agricultural Environment Management: To-B-Lea Farm Focuses on Positive Image of Farming!

By Barbara Silvestri / April 4, 2010

For dairy farmers Tobe and Lena Elmer, farming cleaner and greener has always been a top priority and a source of great pride. Because of their commitment, they have received numerous recognitions for their conservation practices and milk quality. The Elmers’ To-B-Lea Farm is situated in the southwest corner of Jefferson County in the Town…

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Under the Covers: Nursing Clovers to Maturity

By Molly Shaw / April 4, 2010

Clovers can be wonderful cover crops, growing more than 100 lbs of nitrogen/acre and improving soil tilth with their large root systems, but they get off to a slow, weak start after seeding.  Jerry and Val Carocci, who run Church Street Produce in Burdett, have dealt with this problem by using nurse crops for their…

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From Hobby Farm to Farm Business: Laughing Goat Fiber Farm

By Monika Roth / April 4, 2010

  Lisa Ferguson has held a lifelong passion for knitting.  Thus, when she and her husband Gary purchased a 48 acre parcel west of Ithaca, NY, 9 years ago, they put the land to quick use raising angora goats for fiber.  Their goat raising venture started as a hobby, and for the past 5 years,…

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To Buy or Not to Buy…Influencing Your Customer’s Purchases

By Debra Perosio / April 4, 2010

Do you wonder what is going through a customer’s mind when they come to your farm store, pick up a product, look it over carefully, and then put it back and walk out? Do you ask yourself, “What happened to that sale?”  Consumer decision making is a complex science about how consumers make purchase decisions:…

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A “Web” of Support: Online Directory to Women in Agriculture Organizations

By Susan Neal / April 4, 2010

For many of us, winter is that time of the year when life finally slows down for a little while, a time when we can engage in social activities, pursue educational goals, catch up on bookkeeping, or reacquaint ourselves with local and national issues. This past winter I finally found the time to do some…

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Small and Versatile: Dairy Adapts to Changing Markets

By Adrienne Masler / April 4, 2010

The Schefflers respond to the growing demand for local, organic food BECOMING CERTIFIED Seasoned dairy farmers Ed and Eileen Scheffler have learned over the years that adapting the farm business to changing times is the only way to succeed.  For the Schefflers, being small has made adapting their business easier because they haven’t made huge…

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Where the Green Grass Grows: Local, Renewable Fuel

By Adrienne Masler / April 4, 2010

A NEW VENTURE How did May and Bob Miller go from dairy farming to making grass pellets?   They had always been interested in “green” energy, but when fuel prices started to rise in 2008, they saw new potential in the growing acreage owned by non-farming landowners surrounding their home in Delaware county.  With the goal…

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