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The Law of Diminishing Returns – How Farms Know When They’ve Reached It

By Betsy Hicks, South Central New York Dairy & Field Crops Today’s economy has every producer struggling to find ways to increase cash flow. We fill stalls, add a few more cows, keep plentiful heifers in the pipeline, and estimate our projected inventory of first calf heifers due to calve and add it to the … Read More

Cooperative Extension Brings Chickens to the Classroom

By Jason Detzel Last year I received a grant from the New York 4-H Development Program to complete a poultry project with 4-H youth in the County.  Naturally I chose to purchase an incubator, fertile eggs, and some supplies to teach a class on hatching chickens and to showcase the process at the Ulster County … Read More

Animal Welfare: Perception and Reality

By Kimberley Morrill, phD Do you think cows have emotions? Do you think cows feel pain? Do animals exhibit empathy, sympathy and compassion? These were the questions asked to the attendees of the 2018 Dairy Cattle Welfare Symposium. Speakers, farmers and industry representatives from around the globe gathered in Scottsdale, AZ May 31st – June … Read More

Milking Cleanliness

Improve hand milking cleanliness for small ruminants with these few simple techniques By Miriah Reynolds The morning sun sneaks up and over the tall peak of the mountains as I open up the barn door. I am greeted by squinting eyes and eager faces. Pepper, my Saanen doe stretches and curls her upper lip, grunting in … Read More

Rotational Grazing: How Often Should I Rotate?

By Ulf Kintzel Failure in grass-fed sheep enterprises is still very common. I hear about it often since I am the one being asked why it failed. Among the many reasons why grass-fed sheep operation failed is the misconception of the frequency of pasture rotation. When breeding stock I have sold is picked up from … Read More

Growing Urban – a Lower West Side Story

Two farmers are committed to providing the Buffalo, NY community with a variety of produce. By Lynnette Wright, New York FSA Public Affairs and Outreach Specialist A Perfect Blend  Prior to their partnership, Carrie Nader had been working the land since 2014. When she was growing up, she loved helping her grandfather tend his large … Read More

Chainsaw Safety, Part 5: Tree Felling

Rich Taber, CCE Chenango In the previous four installments of this series on chainsaw operation we have looked at some of the myriad rules for safe and efficient chainsaw operation. We have looked at the protective gear that is needed by an operator, the safety considerations with the use of the chainsaw itself, and some … Read More

More Than a Matter of Taste

By Fred Provenza This excerpt is from Fred Provenza’s book Nourishment: What Animals Can Teach Us About Rediscovering Our Nutritional Wisdom (Chelsea Green Publishing, November 2018) and is reprinted with permission from the publisher. Liking for foods is typically thought to be influenced by palatability. Webster’s dictionary defines palatable as pleasant or acceptable to the … Read More

Working with Local Livestock Processors

By Jason Detzel It is true that there are fewer processors today than there used to be. And on top of that, there are a lot more regulations that cost money to implement. The processors themselves are reporting to us that there is barely enough business to keep them afloat because there are very few … Read More

Main Street Farms – Improving Efficiency and Profitability

Main Street Farms shares insights gained from their experience focusing on long-term business viability through a Profit Team project. By Kat McCarthy and Dan Welch At Main Street Farms, in Cortland NY, growth is the way of doing business. The farm has doubled in size annually. What started as a 1-acre market garden and 10,000 … Read More

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