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The Law of Diminishing Returns – How Farms Know When They’ve Reached It

By Betsy Hicks, South Central New York Dairy & Field Crops Today’s economy has every producer struggling to find ways to increase cash flow. We fill stalls, add a few more cows, keep plentiful heifers in the pipeline, and estimate our projected inventory of first calf heifers due to calve and add it to the … Read More

Animal Welfare: Perception and Reality

By Kimberley Morrill, phD Do you think cows have emotions? Do you think cows feel pain? Do animals exhibit empathy, sympathy and compassion? These were the questions asked to the attendees of the 2018 Dairy Cattle Welfare Symposium. Speakers, farmers and industry representatives from around the globe gathered in Scottsdale, AZ May 31st – June … Read More

Kids, Cows and Conservation at Vermont’s Chapman Family Farm

By Rebecca Harris In 1914, Sylvestor Howe packed up his horses, left behind his family and small brick house in Tunbridge, Vermont, to travel 90 miles to the big city of Brattleboro. He would return weeks later with the town’s first registered Holstein cows to start Holstein Stock Farm. Nine of the Howechildren would grow … Read More

Vermont Farmstead Frozen Yogurt Speeds Up Production with Slow Money

Vermont investors, capital providers and entrepreneurs connect at Slow Money Vermont events to boost local farm and food economies and communities. by Rachel Carter Creamy farmstead frozen yogurt in vanilla, chocolate, maple, and coffee flavors is pumped into 300 Cobb Hill Frozen Yogurt pints a week—a number that has more than doubled from this time … Read More

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship

by Ellen Fagan New York State is the third leading producer of dairy products in the United States. However, if its dairy industry continues to follow the trend it’s on, it might not be for long. Dairy farms have been disappearing from New York’s landscape for decades. From 1998 to 2007, NY lost over 2,000 … Read More

New York Dairy Farm Business Summary for 2014

by Richard Kimmich Each year, the Cornell Dairy Farm Business Summary and Analysis (DFBS) Program analyzes data from dairy farms across the state and provides the participating farmers with information to assist in improving the financial management of their business. This data is also summarized across the state and publications are generated for different aspects … Read More

Hot Topic: Improving Water Quality on Dairy Farms in Vermont

by Rachel Carter Vermont in summer; blue skies, mountain breezes, and dairy cows dappling the working landscape—a source of both heritage and economic growth for Vermonters. The hottest of Vermont summer days are the perfect excuse to skip out of life’s everyday responsibilities and dunk in a stream, dip in a pond, or dive in … Read More

Flushing and Pheromones: Managing Breeding in the Dairy Goat Herd

It’s fall, and while human children pick out their new notebooks, folders, and backpacks, I pick out my top does and bucks. By Stephanie Fisher The days grow shorter, and the temperature cools each day. Milk production has dipped and will continue to dip until the goats produce next to to nothing come their dry-off … Read More

Would a “National Checkoff” Fit Organic?

A National Research and Promotion program is on the horizon for the organic industry. By Elizabeth Burrichter What is a National Checkoff Program? Do the sayings, “Got Milk?”, “Beef: It’s What’s for Dinner”, or “Pork. The Other White Meat” sound familiar? These promotions are all part of National Research and Promotion Programs, also known as commodity … Read More

Kidding Tips and Tricks

Getting creative with feeding and marketing dairy goat kids. By Stephanie Fisher The first kid of the season is a refresher. Despite two years of kidding and 250+ births witnessed, I’m surprised by that particular feeling of seeing a steaming baby wobbly in the hay. I stumble through the ceremony of taking the kid, cleaning … Read More

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