Dispose of Your Pesticides in a Safe, Easy Way!

CleanSweep NY, New York’s Pesticide Disposal Program, will be holding 5 pesticide collection days in Region 8 (click here to see whether your county is in this region).  For the surrounding regions, if you need to dispose of agriculture pesticides, this may be your closest option until 2017.  The program is completely free of charge, but you MUST register.  You can register by calling 877-793-3769 or emailing info@cleansweepny.org
This program is not open to homeowners, only farmers and licensed pesticide applicators.
Drop off locations and dates are:
1. October 21st in Watkins Glen, NY
2. October 22nd in Hornell, NY
3. October 23rd in Lakeville, NY
4. October 24th and 25th in East Rochester, NY
For more information, please visit http://www.cleansweepny.org/.

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