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Refugees in Agriculture

Directory of Organizations in New York Serving Refugees in Agriculture

This Directory provides information about organizations currently working with refugee populations engaged in agriculture in New York State.  It was compiled through a project titled “Advancing Agricultural Support and Training for Refugee Farmers in Central New York”.  The Project was spearheaded by Groundswell Center for Local Food & Farming and supported by the Cornell Small Farms Program.  See Map of locations and contact information.

“Growing Transplants” with Karen Voice Over (English captions)

This video is offered with Voice Over for Karen speaking farmers getting started in vegetable production in the Northeast. In the video, Liz Martin and Matthew Glenn, owners of Muddy Fingers Farm in Hector, NY, describe how to make a simple potting mix, hand sow flats and create soil blocks. The farmers also touch upon crop rotation and how they choose seed varieties from catalogs.

“Growing Transplants” with Spanish captions

This version of the video is available with Spanish captions for the latino agricultural audience.

For other resources created by this project, see