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Past Projects

In the last couple years, we’ve hosted various projects that produced useful resources. Although the three projects below aren’t currently being offered, we wanted to make sure they remained accessible!

Sustainable Farm Energy
Education on energy efficiency and renewable energy is an important part of farm sustainability, as often simple and inexpensive measures can save farmers money while reducing the environmental footprint of the farm. NE SARE offered sustainable farm energy programs from ’14 to ’17.  View the excellent resources from this project here.
  Exploring the Small Farm Dream
The 2 credit undergraduate course invites students to explore opportunities and challenges involved in starting up and managing a small farm. Learn more….
Telling Better Stories
In 2013, the Cornell Small Farms Program hosted a training for farmers and ag educators seeking to become better story tellers, providing professional journalism instruction on how to develop engaging narratives.  Access resources from the workshop here. Visit the Story Share page for articles and photos submitted by attendees.
Small Farm Grants Program
In 2012, the Cornell Small Farms Program awarded $3,000 to $5,000 grants to organizations in NY that presented compelling projects serving and supporting small farms. Four proposals were selected. An additional project to support a small dairy field day series summer, 2012 was also funded. Learn more about the Small Farm Grants Program and previously funded projects here.