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Growing Urban – a Lower West Side Story

Two farmers are committed to providing the Buffalo, NY community with a variety of produce. By Lynnette Wright, New York FSA Public Affairs and Outreach Specialist A Perfect Blend  Prior to their partnership, Carrie Nader had been working the land since 2014. When she was growing up, she loved helping her grandfather tend his large … Read More

In Camden, a Hot Sauce is Helping Young Urban Entrepreneurs Fight Poverty

a teen-focused entrepreneurial program in Southern NJ offers job training and education By Suzanne Cope Last fall, a half-dozen teenagers from the Southern New Jersey city of Camden brought hot peppers they’d grown in an urban garden to a rented industrial kitchen. Donning latex gloves, they de-seeded and chopped the chilies before adding them to … Read More

Mushrooms Are Fruiting in Philadelphia

One mushroom growing operation proves farming in the city is possible and profitable. by Molly R. Bucknum Most urban farmers have a tough time finding space to grow food. Location, high rent costs, and lack of infrastructure all make securing farmland in a city difficult. That’s why Tyler Case and Brian Versek of Philadelphia were … Read More

Growing Edible Forests as a Community

Communities across the United States are establishing food forests, also known as forest gardens, to ecologically grow perennial and annual foods, herbs and medicinals for free public harvesting. by Catherine Bukowski Community food forests serve multiple educational roles such as introducing people to alternative agriculture, forest ecology, food security issues, social justice, and food literacy. … Read More

Small Farm in the Big City

Closing the bad-food gap in urban communities. by Regina A. Bernard-Carreno My grandfather was an “urban farmer,” in the city of Georgetown, Guyana. He farmed to eat, to feed others, and to supplement his income as a worker in the Guyanese sugar estates.  He grew things out of necessity and scarcity. Whether he found pleasure … Read More

From Vacant Spaces to Vibrant Places

By Sean Cummings The Binghamton Urban Farm is a small market garden located on the east side of Binghamton’s downtown, managed by Volunteers Improving Neighborhood Environments (VINES) a small not-for-profit in the City of Binghamton. Our goal at the urban farm has always been to create access to fresh affordable food where there once was none. … Read More

Profit per Square Foot: Tackling Challenges Unique to Urban Farming

By Pat Brhel Many people dream of the simple life – growing their own food, maybe even making a living as a farmer – but bills need to be paid and it’s a long commute from the peaceable kingdom to the cubicle. Can you make a living while still living in or near a city? The … Read More

Recirculating Farms: Growing healthy, fresh food and a new local food culture

by Molly Davis Facing an average nightly low of 21 degrees, most Boston-area farmers throw their hands up in January and take a break. But with recirculating farms — which can grow plants (hydroponics), fish (aquaculture), or a combination of both (aquaponics) — a farmer can continue generating revenue throughout the worst conditions that winter … Read More

Creating Farms on Concrete, Rubble, and Roofs

The Story of New York City’s Newest Farmers By Daisy Bow When anyone thinks about New York City, fixtures like concrete sidewalks, skyscrapers, large office buildings, heavy traffic, storefronts, and subway stations come easily to mind. Green spaces are generally relegated to designated city parks, and most flowers are pre-cut, bundled into ready-to-go bouquets. However … Read More

Urban Farmer Backlash: Too Much of a Good Thing?

By Derek Denckla Recently, urban agriculture seems to have achieved a milestone– being lampooned. The blog Daily Candy featured “DIY Halloween Costumes” in which suggestion No. 4 was “Urban Farmer,” recommending a three ingredient recipe: “1. Same [outfit] as Paul Bunyan but replace the ax with a shovel; 2. Carry a tote bag filled with … Read More

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